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The drug "Doxycycline": instructions for use

Capsules are for oral administration. They are required to drink plenty of water. The dose determined by a specialist is divided into two doses, which are carried out every 12 hours. How to Buy Doxycycline HCL tablets 100 mg (OTC) According to the instructions for the drug "Doxycycline", the standard dosage for the treatment of most ailments is 200 mg on the first day. In the future, depending on the degree of complexity of the pathology, 100-200 mg are taken.

Doxycycline and alcohol

The simultaneous administration of doxycycline and alcohol enhances the toxic effect, which is manifested by headaches and dizziness. A short interval between medications and alcohol will have the same effect..

As for the effectiveness of the drug against the background of alcohol intoxication, in some cases there is an increase in the effectiveness of treatment, in others, on the contrary, a decrease.

The results are mixed and it’s impossible to determine the body’s reaction in advance..

Since both alcohol and Doxycycline decompose in the liver, their simultaneous administration significantly increases the load on this organ, which can cause reactive hepatitis. Therefore, simultaneous administration is strictly prohibited and after the completion of therapy, alcohol can be consumed only after 35 hours.

The drug "Doxycycline": dosage

As a rule, doctors prescribe this drug in the following dosage: on the first day - 200 mg, and then 100-200 mg (depending on the course of the disease).

If the patient has a severe infectious process, then throughout the course of therapy he is recommended to drink 200 mg of the drug per day.

In pathological conditions that were caused by chlamydia, mycoplasma or ureaplasma, the antibiotic is prescribed in a standard dosage. It is advisable to take this drug for 11-15 days.

Can Doxycycline be combined with other tablets? The compatibility of this with medications with other drugs is quite real. As a rule, this depends on the type of disease present and its course. If required, the antibiotic in question can be combined with Clindamycin and Gentamicin..